Fresh Pick of the Day, December 7, 2015: “Beyond the Red Cup: The Grass Is Not Greener: When Staying Put in a Job Pays Off” from Knowledge@Wharton

From Knowledge@Wharton – “At some point in your career, you will invariably face a choice of staying with your current employer or taking a job at a new company. The enticement could be better pay, rosier opportunities at the new firm — or to escape a toxic work environment. But is it necessary to change employers to move ahead? And how do the benefits of moving firms compare to upward mobility at your current employer?

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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 25, 2015: “5 Valuable Sales Lessons We Can Learn From Introverts”

From Inc Magazine – “Extroverts thrive in people dominated environments. They draw energy from others. Introverts require down time to recharge their batteries so they can reengage with others. In professional selling, Extroverts tend to excel at both ends of the sales process–prospecting and closing. In general, the charming Extrovert tends to succeed at networking and cold calling, while the tenacious type excels at negotiation and closing the sale. The Introvert, however, has the upper hand in the middle of the sales process, particularly in the Needs Analysis step. This part of the process is at the heart of the sales call–asking questions, uncovering needs, qualifying, etc. This step requires a shift from the high energy activities necessary at the front end of the sale, to a more methodical approach when asking questions.”

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Podcast # 22: “Business Rhythm’s Top 5 Books on Leadership”

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From Business Rhythm with Frank & Jamie -“In this podcast, we will talk about what we think are the best 5 leadership books that you should read. Through our careers as managers, consultants, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders, we have read tons of business books in the market. We thought of sharing our picks of the best leadership books to our listeners and hope that they will also benefit by reading these books. Frank, hat will be your top recommended book on leadership?”

Here are the links to the Top 5 Business Books

1. Leadership is an Art by Max de Pree

2. Leadership Challenge by James Kouzes and Barry Posner

3. Questions of Character by Joseph Badaracco

4. Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

5. The Leadership Moment by Michael Useem


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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 13, 2015: “Imagine There’s No Marketing …’It’s Easy If You Try'” from Knowledge@Wharton

From Knowledge@Wharton – “Traditional marketing has been taking it on the chin for a couple of years now as consumers show they value as far more authentic the product and service recommendations they receive from those they know, especially via social media. In this opinion piece, Curtis Hougland, co-founder of Ideaology, a not-for-profit social media agency for social good, notes that the rise of Ad Blocker is symbolic of the tectonic shift in advertising and marketing now underway.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 10, 2015: “Do the BRICS still matter?” from Center for Strategic and International Studies

From Center for Strategic and International Studies – “The report provides a critical account of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) as an analytical category, examining some of its constitutive dimensions, to see whether the possibilities of an effective intra-group cooperation could lead to a major change in world power distribution, or whether social disparities, diplomatic divergences, and political and economic differences could prevent the BRICS from forming a coherent and effective strategic alliance. It examines some of the group’s common features and their differences, putting into perspective their relative weaknesses and strengths, their strategic culture, and how it has shaped their foreign policies.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 5, 2015: “The Sideways Elevators of the Future Will be Shown Off for the First Time”

From Bloomberg Business – “For more than 150 years, elevators have gone in two directions: up and down. In the future, you might ride them sideways. ThyssenKrupp AG this week will show the public for the first time a 10 meter (32 feet) functioning model that uses giant magnets to move cars in multiple directions. The technology, called magnetic levitation, is borrowed from high-speed trains and doesn’t rely on cables. The German industrial company says the system allows for multiple cars in one shaft and can increase transport capacity as much as 50 percent.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Oct 28, 2015: “Hot dogs, bacon and other processed meats cause cancer, World Health Organization declares”

From Washington Post – “A research division of the World Health Organization announced Monday that bacon, sausage and other processed meats cause cancer and that red meat probably does, too. The report by the influential group stakes out one of the most aggressive stances against meat taken by a major health organization, and it is expected to face stiff criticism in the United States. In reaching its conclusion, the panel sought to quantify the risks, and compared to carcinogens such as cigarettes, the magnitude of the danger appears small, experts said. The WHO panel cited studies suggesting that an additional 3.5 ounces of red meat everyday raises the risk of colorectal cancer by 17 percent; eating an additional 1.8 ounces of processed meat daily raises the risk by 18 percent, according to the research cited.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, October 26, 2015: “Why an Open Mind Is Key to Making Better Predictions”

From Knowledge@Wharton – ” Financial advisors, TV pundits and an endless stream of experts and nonexperts readily offer their predictions about the future, whether related to the stock market, international relations or the next Presidential election. But how good are those predictions? As it turns out, most of us are not very good at making forecasts, and even the best-known experts do not have a solid track record. So what makes a good forecaster? In the new book, Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction, Wharton management professor Philip Tetlock and co-author Dan Gardner look into what makes people good forecasters. Tetlock, who is also a professor of psychology at Penn’s School of Arts and Sciences, recently spoke to Knowledge@Wharton about his decades of research on the topic and how you can incorporate some of these forecasting techniques into your own life.”

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