Fresh Pick of the Day, November 25, 2015: “5 Valuable Sales Lessons We Can Learn From Introverts”

From Inc Magazine – “Extroverts thrive in people dominated environments. They draw energy from others. Introverts require down time to recharge their batteries so they can reengage with others. In professional selling, Extroverts tend to excel at both ends of the sales process–prospecting and closing. In general, the charming Extrovert tends to succeed at networking and cold calling, while the tenacious type excels at negotiation and closing the sale. The Introvert, however, has the upper hand in the middle of the sales process, particularly in the Needs Analysis step. This part of the process is at the heart of the sales call–asking questions, uncovering needs, qualifying, etc. This step requires a shift from the high energy activities necessary at the front end of the sale, to a more methodical approach when asking questions.”

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