Fresh Pick of the Day, Feb 29, 2016: “Managers Are Not Always the Best Judge of Creative Ideas” from Stanford University

From Insights by Stanford Business – “When someone has a new idea, who’s in the best position to predict whether it’ll be a hit: the creator of the idea, or the manager in charge of evaluating the idea? It turns out the answer is ‘neither,’ according to research by Justin Berg, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He studies ‘creative forecasting,’ or the skill of predicting the success of new ideas. Berg’s research suggests that even with all their knowledge and experience, managers are usually not the best at predicting the success of a new idea, nor is the creator of the idea. Instead, the best judges are peers of the creator, who have spent time generating their own ideas, but not the idea in question. The research by Berg will be published in a forthcoming issue of Administrative Science Quarterly.”



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