Mango Fresh Pick of the Day, May 14, 2014: “The Business of Luxury” From Financial Times

From – “Bright spots are emerging as a result of macroeconomic and social change. The focus is swinging back to developed countries where half of luxury’s total global sales are made to consumers in their traditional markets”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, May 11, 2014: “Why Apple’s Tightwad Ways Won’t Change With Deal for Flashy Headphones”

From Businessweek- “Since the news broke that Apple might buy Beats Electronics, the prevailing question has been: Why would Apple spend big for this company? But it might also be worth turning the question around trying to decipher why Apple seems so much more hesitant than other tech giants—like Facebook and Google—to spend its vast cash hoard at all.”


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Fresh Pick of the Day, May 10, 2014: “How P&G Moved Up the Brand Arc to Win a Gold Medal at Sochi”


From Knowledge@Wharton: “Along with athletes, brand marketers also competed for attention at the recent winter Olympic Games in Sochi — and by many accounts, Procter & Gamble’s “Thank you, Mom” campaign came out on top. Eric Solomon, head of the strategy and insights for ZOO, the creative team at Google that works with firms to build their brands, explains how other companies can learn from the experience of P&G and other firms to build emotional connections with their customers.”

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Marketing Metrics: How effective are your marketing efforts?

Question posted on May 12, 2014: “I am a corporate head for a local skin care brand. I want to know how successful our marketing activities are. Where and how do I start?”

Answer from BusinessMango, May 19, 2014: Thanks for posting a question on our site. Truth is, an increasing number of companies have actually started using marketing metrics as a result of pressure from top management to justify spending on marketing. These firms may either have their own team dedicated to marketing metrics or they may engage consulting firms to build their marketing measurement capabilities.

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