Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept. 1, 2014: “Why Businesses Should Serve Consumers’ ‘Higher Needs’”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “the ways businesses meet the needs of their stakeholders, and the types of needs served, have changed over time along with the development and adoption of new technologies. Together, these needs and enabling technologies create different business models, each with their own scalability, capital and operating efficiencies and, therefore, valuation.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 29, 2014: “Why Fostering Competition Isn’t a Winning Sales Tactic”

From Chief Learning Officer Magazine – “Developing employees who support each other can boost productivity and sales better than establishing a cutthroat culture… By collaborating and creating an environment that promotes teamwork and respect, sales-driven organizations’ employees will be happier, and they’ll pass on that positivity to their customers.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 26, 2014: “The Lovers, the Haters and How They Helped Drive Innovation at Kraft”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “Like many food companies, Kraft Foods has had to deal with the rising costs for commodities, as well as the changing wants and needs of consumers. Several years ago, the company — which has annual revenues of more than $18 billion and a 27-brand portfolio that includes Velveeta, Jell-O and Kool-Aid — was launching new products at a rapid rate, but it wasn’t really investing in any of them. In recent interview on the Knowledge@Wharton show on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM channel 111, Barry Calpino, Kraft’s vice president for breakthrough innovation, discussed how Kraft rethought its strategy and reaped the rewards of a multi-year, multi-channel mindset to marketing.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 21, 2014: “Unilever- In search of the good business”

From Economist Magazine – “Unilever defines sustainability broadly. It includes not just environmental factors but improving the lot of customers and workers—its own and those in its supply chain. It also aims to contribute to society as a whole. These goals are seen as necessary to maintain the firm’s ‘licence to operate’ in an age when, Mr Polman believes, companies will be subject to increasing public scrutiny.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 15, 2014: “How to improve or launch a start-up”

From Washington Post – “Elana Fine, the managing director at the Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business, took questions from readers last week. Here are excerpts, lightly edited for grammar and clarity.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 7, 2014: “Building the Whole Foods of China”

From Bloomberg Businessweek – “Given the explosive growth of China’s urban elite in recent years, there’s money to be made catering to finicky demands. Since 2009, Zhang’s customer base has grown 20 percent to 50 percent a year. Zhang has reeled in $40 million from Western and Chinese investors and millions more in government subsidies. His company generates revenue of $18 million to $24 million a year, and he says he now runs one of China’s largest organic farming and retailing operations, spanning thousands of acres across eight provinces.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 5, 2014: “Marketing – Why Location is King for E-commerce, Too”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “There are two really important takeaways here for anyone who is in the online world selling things through the Internet. The first is that it’s very critical to understand what the offline environment looks like. Why is it that you have some customers in one location and no customers in another? What is it about the physical world that is affecting what is going on in the virtual world? That’s the first thing. The second thing that this research emphasizes is that existing customers are often the most powerful source of new customers for a firm — the extent to which they advocate to [others], the [degree to which] the product they’re using is socially visible, and the extent to which they talk about it with friends, family and others who they come into contact with locally.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, July 22, 2014: “What marketers need to know about the emerging discipline of service design”

From Marketing Magazine – “Essentially, service design is about fusing a brand’s ‘top down’ commercial value-driven perspective; what it stands for, what customers can expect from it, with ‘bottom-up’ emotionally-driven insight into more fundamental human motivation and needs. The aim is to help brands come up with ways of engaging consumers so that their needs and expectations are met in new and sometimes unexpected ways.”

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