Fresh Pick of the Day, November 17, 2014: “How leaders emerge in online communities”

From Knowledge@HEC – “The researchers’ findings indicate that leaders are mainly distinguished by their task-based behaviors. They contribute knowledge by answering queries, sometimes sharing programming code, and giving personal assessments. Tenure (duration of membership) and participation were positively associated with being identified as a leader, but the number of questions asked by a participant had a negative association, which indicates that a leader is more likely to provide answers than questions. The researchers also rated postings for the existence and frequency of sign-offs, thanks, and personal anecdotes — signs of sociability within online communities — and found that sociability was less significant than knowledge contribution. However, Sri Kudaravalli warns not to conclude based on this finding that sociability is unimportant in all online communities, just that it is not as important as knowledge contribution in the communities studied, which are all dedicated to sharing technical expertise. Sri Kudaravalli explains that in technical forums, such as those dedicated to programming, there are, often, correct and incorrect answers to questions; on the other hand, in online communities organized around social support or political action, relationships and sociable behavior of influential members may be valued more.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 13, 2014: “How to optimize the marketing and sales interface”

From Knowledge@HEC – “In recent years, many surveys have confirmed just how difficult the marketing and sales relationship is. Marketers consider, for example, that salespeople are too focused on client interests, while salespeople find that the offers and promotional plans designed by marketers do not meet customer needs. In general, salespeople complain that they are not heard by marketers, who they find out of touch with the market, and marketers consider salespeople too willing to grant price reductions, too tactical, not strategic enough, and too focused on short term issues. Such recriminations are aggravated when positions are functional (i.e., there are few bridges between functions), and evaluation, promotion, and compensation systems are not transparent. “

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Fresh Pick of the Day, October 27, 2014: “Financial Times Report on Health Care in Emerging Markets”

From Special Report on Health Care in Emerging Markets – “Opportunities are increasing in emerging markets for physicians, healthcare providers and suppliers of medical products. We survey the business of health in countries where public expectations of a better standard of health are fast rising.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, October 21. 2014: “When is a Vuitton not a Vuitton? by Jean-Noël Kapferer and Anne Michaut”

From Knowledge@HEC – “The purchasing of fake luxury goods has increased dramatically in recent years and counterfeiting now functions as a parallel market to the luxury industry itself. But what are the real reasons for the emergence of this shadow market and how big a threat does it pose for luxury brands?  “

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Fresh Pick of the Day, October 16, 2014: “How Concerns about Status Affect New Product Adoption”

From Knowledge@Wharton – Certain consumers are keen about adopting new products and are prone to mimicking the product choices of others. But when it comes to status-enhancing products, people in the middle of the status hierarchy are most likely to adopt a new product quickly, according to a recent paper co-authored by Yansong Hu, a professor at the University of Warwick in the U.K., and Wharton marketing professor Christophe Van den Bulte. The paper, “Nonmonotonic Status Effects in New Product Adoption,” was published in the May 2014 edition of the journal Marketing Science.

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept 30, 2014: “When Does Retail Therapy Work?”

From ForbesLife – Retail therapy that’s directly related to the thing you feel bad about will very likely wind up making you feel worse, and will also make you screw up even more than you already have. On the other hand, if you can shake your preoccupation and, say, if you’re an MBA student, pick up some running shoes or a bicycle that distracts you from your failures, there’s a good chance you’ll at least feel better about yourself and not perform any worse than you’re already performing.

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept. 29, 2014: “Is Your Sales Team Really Getting the Right Message To Your Clients?”

From Inc Magazine – “Like it or not, sales is integral to the success of all our businesses. Few people want to do it, and even fewer are actually good at it. Most of us business owners start by doing it ourselves, and then put in place a sales team as soon as possible to rapidly cover territory and grow–allowing us to then focus on other aspects of the business. However, in order to take a step back from the frontlines of selling, it is important to put in place mechanisms to quality check your sales team at each stage of the selling process. Here are 3 simple ways I check on my sales team to make sure they are saying the right things to my customers.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept 24, 2014: “Information sharing with competitors: wisdom or folly?”

From Knowledge@HEC – “Creative industries are an interesting paradox for social scientists. Creative professionals need freedom and a free flow of ideas to stimulate their own innovations. Yet as businesspeople, they must protect, one would assume, some proprietary information to maintain a competitive advantage. A chef may have a signature recipe, a magician a trademark illusion, and a fashion designer a distinguishing style that they would not reveal to their peers.”

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