Fresh Pick of the Day, June 10, 2014: “Corporate attempts at innovation are overwhelmingly dying on the vine”

From Washington Post- “The lion’s share of corporate innovation projects are not making it to the market, according to a survey from Fahrenheit 212. The innovation consulting firm asked 100 chief innovation officers from multinational corporations what percentage of their innovation projects make it to market. Forty-five percent of respondents said fewer than 10 percent of their projects did. Twenty-one percent of those surveyed said between 10 and 25 percent of their projects made it to market.”

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Fresh Pick of Day, June 4, 2014: “The Geography of Entrepreneurship”

From Stanford Business Re: Think – A strategy professor explains how globalization created a laboratory for new business models.

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Fresh Pick of the Day, June 3, 2014: “WSJ Report – Unleashing Innovation in Manufacturing, June 2014″

Unleashing Innovation in Manufacturing: June 2014 from Wall Street Journal

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3 Qualities of Successful Food Retailers

Question posted on May 16, 2014: “I am recently appointed as manager for a small local food chain based in Northern Philippines. WE have about 3 branches. Can you please provide strategic advice on how I can keep and increase loyal customers”

Answer from BusinessMango, May 26, 2014:  Thank you for your note. We did some research and had some discussions on how food chains such as Mcdonald’s, KFC, and Krispy Kreme have gained massive following. We agree that there are three common qualities of these stores which explain their customer loyalty and success.

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Fresh Pick of the Day, May 22, 2014: “Scaling the Sharing Economy, From New York to Topeka and Beyond – from Knowledge@Wharton”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “The shared economy, perhaps best known for crowd-powered marketplaces such as travel accommodation site Airbnb and transportation-focused Lyft, blossomed as the recession set in. At the same time, social platforms were establishing broad footholds. Collaborative consumption, made more feasible by evolving technology, offered consumers ways to personalize their experiences without having to own their own cars, vacation homes and items that may be out of reach financially. It also presented fresh streams of income for people with something to spare or share.”

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Mango Fresh Pick of the Day, May 14, 2014: “The Business of Luxury” From Financial Times

From – “Bright spots are emerging as a result of macroeconomic and social change. The focus is swinging back to developed countries where half of luxury’s total global sales are made to consumers in their traditional markets”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, April 21, 2014: “Boldness in Business”

From – “The FT Boldness in Business Awards have become the pre-eminent forum for recognising entrepreneurial risk-taking and business innovation”

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Fresh Mango Pick April 2014: “Nir Eyal: What Makes Some Products Indispensable?”

From Stanford Business School – “In his recently published book, Hooked, the writer and lecturer explains how one of the most popular Bible apps in the world is engineered to be habit-forming. It’s not often an app has the power to help keep someone out of a strip club. But according to Bobby Gruenewald, CEO of YouVersion, that’s exactly what his technology did: A user of his Bible verse app walked into a business of ill repute when suddenly, seemingly out of the heavens, he received a notification on his phone with a custom-selected verse from the Bible.”

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