Fresh Pick of the Day, July 23, 2014: “Understanding cloud computing”

From – “How can you regulate cloud computing? With data centres spread across the world, just how important are national laws and, crucially, how is it possible nowadays to determine just who controls your data?”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, July 15, 2014: “FT series -A world without water”

From – “The marginal cost of water is rising around the world,” says Christopher Gasson, publisher of Global Water Intelligence. “Previously, water was treated as a free raw material. Now, companies are realising it can damage their brand, their credibility, their credit rating and their insurance costs. That applies to a computer chipmaker and a food company as much as a power generator or a petrochemicals company.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, July 10, 2014:”Has ‘Disruptive Innovation’ Run Its Course? Not Yet…”

From Knowledge@Wharton – Does disruption kill core business models? “Not necessarily,” Robertson says. “Does that mean you should anticipate how it is going to affect the core business? Of course you should. You should always be looking for that next big thing, as well. In the late 1990s, [LEGO] moved away from core business and stopped focusing on bricks. Everything was out-of-the-box innovation, and it almost put them out of business.”   Christensen saw disruptive innovation as the kind that comes from behind and develops a new market that eventually displaces the old one.  

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Fresh Pick of the Day, July 4, 2014: FT Special Report on Modern Energy

From – A look inside the world of modern energy – a sector being driven by new technology and environmental concerns to rethink its business models

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Fresh Pick of the Day, June 25, 2014: “The Power Of Benchmarking Nature And Other Industries To Generate Breakthrough Innovation Ideas”

From Forbes – ” Thomas Edison, who was a methodical inventor, once said “to invent you need an imagination and a pile of junk” (aka stimuli).  One of the very best forms of stimuli comes from looking at other industries for ideas, relevant analogies, and problem solving.  The trickiest part is to figure out which industries to benchmark.  That, in itself, requires brainstorming sessions.  Biomimicry is an area that has proven extremely fruitful across a range of industries, as nature has solved many problems through evolution, and the best solutions in nature often determined which creatures and plant life survived and thrived.  What follows are 10 examples of bio-mimicry and other types of benchmarking outside of nature that have proven highly relevant for new product and service development.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, June 23, 2014: “Some traditional businesses are thriving in an age of disruptive innovation” from The Economist

From The Economist, Schumpeter – “How do businesses go about reviving old technologies in the face of so much innovation? Mr Raffaelli argues that the key to success lies in redefining the product’s value and meaning. Swiss watchmakers redefined their products as status goods rather than a means of telling the time. That they are so much harder to make than digital watches added immeasurably to their desirability. Independent booksellers are redefining themselves as communities where people who care about books meet and socialise. Trams are re-emerging as a green solution to both pollution and urban sprawl: a striking number of the cities that are adopting them are formless sunbelt cities.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, June 16, 2014 – “The Reshoring Wave: It’s Taking America by Storm”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “The reshoring trend is rocking global business, with hundreds of companies working to bring their manufacturing operations back from China to North America”


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Fresh Pick of the Day, June 10, 2014: “Corporate attempts at innovation are overwhelmingly dying on the vine”

From Washington Post- “The lion’s share of corporate innovation projects are not making it to the market, according to a survey from Fahrenheit 212. The innovation consulting firm asked 100 chief innovation officers from multinational corporations what percentage of their innovation projects make it to market. Forty-five percent of respondents said fewer than 10 percent of their projects did. Twenty-one percent of those surveyed said between 10 and 25 percent of their projects made it to market.”

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