Fresh Pick of the Day, Oct. 20, 2014: “Kathryn Shaw – Entrepreneurship Requires Practice, Practice, Practice”

From Stanford Business School – “Are entrepreneurs born or made? New research by Stanford Graduate School of Business Professor Kathryn Shaw adds to the evidence on the ‘made’ side of the column. The research, which examined records of 2.8 million small retailers in Texas, found that entrepreneurs were more likely to succeed the more times they had run businesses in the past. Entrepreneurship appears to be more of a craft than an aptitude.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, October 15, 2014: “From Papyrus to Pixels – Transformation of the Book”

From the Economist – “Many are worried about what such technology means for books, with big bookshops closing, new devices spreading, novice authors flooding the market and an online behemoth known as Amazon growing ever more powerful. Their anxieties cannot simply be written off as predictable technophobia. The digital transition may well change the way books are written, sold and read more than any development in their history, and that will not be to everyone’s advantage. Veterans and revolutionaries alike may go bust; Gutenberg died almost penniless, having lost control of his press to Fust and other creditors.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Oct 7, 2014: “Wealth without workers, workers without wealth”

From the Economist Magazine – “The modern digital revolution—with its hallmarks of computer power, connectivity and data ubiquity—has brought iPhones and the internet, not crowded tenements and cholera. But, as our special report explains, it is disrupting and dividing the world of work on a scale not seen for more than a century. Vast wealth is being created without many workers; and for all but an elite few, work no longer guarantees a rising income.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept 24, 2014: “Information sharing with competitors: wisdom or folly?”

From Knowledge@HEC – “Creative industries are an interesting paradox for social scientists. Creative professionals need freedom and a free flow of ideas to stimulate their own innovations. Yet as businesspeople, they must protect, one would assume, some proprietary information to maintain a competitive advantage. A chef may have a signature recipe, a magician a trademark illusion, and a fashion designer a distinguishing style that they would not reveal to their peers.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept. 23, 2014: “Why Entrepreneurs Take the Leap”

From Stanford University -“If sudden wealth is not the likely outcome of starting a company, what motivates someone to take the risk? Researchers have pondered that question for some time, and many have theorized that a desire to be one’s own boss is the driving factor. But research by Stanford GSB professor Jesper Sørensen takes a fresh look at the question and comes up with a very different explanation: People become frustrated when they are blocked from advancing in their careers.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept 18, 2014: “Sustainability in the Age of Big Data”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “Big data has the potential to revolutionize the two industries that generate the most carbon dioxide — energy and agriculture. Machine-to-machine communication can help reduce energy demands and increase the viability of renewable power sources. On farms, data from the molecular level may help give rise to a new green revolution, and sensors in satellites, farmland, trucks and grocery stores promise to reduce waste industry-wide.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Sept. 16, 2014: “What will the most eagerly awaited Apple smart watch mean for mechanical watchmaking?”

From Financial Times online – “The smartwatch market is crowded, and the stakes will get higher with the launch of Apple’s design. Are wearables about to disrupt the Swiss watch industry?”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, August 28, 2014: “The emerging technologies hype cycle”

From the Economist Magazine  – “OVER the past few decades it has become clear that innovation—more than inputs of capital and labour—is what drives a modern economy. In the developed world, the application of technological know-how and scientific discoveries by companies, institutions and government establishments accounts for over half of all economic growth. Because of its seminal influence on wealth-creation in general and employment in particular, the manner in which innovation functions—especially, the way it comes and goes in Darwinian bursts of activity—has emerged as a vital branch of scholarship.”

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