Fresh Pick of the Day, January 14, 2015: “How to craft a successful career – An interview with Etsy CEO Chad Dickerson”

From Washington Post –  Chad Dickerson “is now the chief executive of Etsy, one of the largest and fastest-growing commerce sites on the Web. It’s a technology platform where artisans can sell their crafts, such as handmade jewelry, clothing and art. And in 2013, the Etsy marketplace saw more than $1.35 billion in sales.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, January 8, 2015: “As Oil Drops Below $50, Can There Be Too Much of a Good Thing?”

From Bloomberg – “Cheaper oil is still creating more winners than losers. Far more people live in oil-importing countries than live in oil-exporting countries. The U.S., for one, remains a net importer. The well-publicized travails of U.S. shale oil producers are small compared with the gains by American consumers and businesses that are paying less for gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, petrochemicals, and the like. With fuel prices down, people are driving more miles and buying more cars and trucks.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, January 6, 2014: FT Special Report on Innovation in Healthcare

From Financial Times online – “Healthcare has been slower than other industries to feel the full force of digital technology. Change appears inevitable as an ageing global population puts health budgets under pressure. As big data promises a wealth of information that was previously not available, progressively illness care will become well care. This report assesses the digital future of healthcare.”

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Podcast #1: Why Consumers Love KFC, McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme (Part 1)

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From Business Rhythm with Frank and Jamie: “There are three common qualities of these stores which explain their customer loyalty and success. The first common quality among successful restaurants or food chains is great tasting food.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, December 4, 2014: “Does Social Impact Demand Financial Sacrifice?”

From Knowledge@Wharton – “Social impact investing — making investments to achieve social and environmental goals while at the same time earning financial returns — has been enjoying a groundswell of interest in the last several years. While arguably having started in the late 1960s when the Ford Foundation began making mortgage loans to African-Americans who were being redlined by banks, it has only begun to gain currency in the last 15 years. The term “social impact investing” itself was not widely coined until 2007. In the last 10 to 15 years, the number of social impact funds has grown from a handful to several hundred. Since 2012 alone, the number of funds globally has increased from at least 206 to 316. Assets have grown from at least $13 billion to $23 billion, according to the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), an industry trade group.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 21, 2014: “FT Special Report on the Future of Car”

From Financial Times online – “Governments worldwide are demanding progress towards lower emissions and higher safety standards. New entrants such as Tesla are disrupting traditional business methods.Meanwhile, consumers want cars to be a smartphone on wheels. And groups within and from outside the sector are racing to introduce auto pilot functions.At the same time, a more prosaic challenge has appeared: selling cars. For months, signs have been growing that, after three years of improving fortunes, the outlook for globalautomotive demand has turned.”


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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 19, 2014: “10 Best Business Books of 2014″

From Inc Magazine – “These ten business books were the real eye-openers for entrepreneurs in the year 2014.”



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Fresh Pick of the Day, November 17, 2014: “How leaders emerge in online communities”

From Knowledge@HEC – “The researchers’ findings indicate that leaders are mainly distinguished by their task-based behaviors. They contribute knowledge by answering queries, sometimes sharing programming code, and giving personal assessments. Tenure (duration of membership) and participation were positively associated with being identified as a leader, but the number of questions asked by a participant had a negative association, which indicates that a leader is more likely to provide answers than questions. The researchers also rated postings for the existence and frequency of sign-offs, thanks, and personal anecdotes — signs of sociability within online communities — and found that sociability was less significant than knowledge contribution. However, Sri Kudaravalli warns not to conclude based on this finding that sociability is unimportant in all online communities, just that it is not as important as knowledge contribution in the communities studied, which are all dedicated to sharing technical expertise. Sri Kudaravalli explains that in technical forums, such as those dedicated to programming, there are, often, correct and incorrect answers to questions; on the other hand, in online communities organized around social support or political action, relationships and sociable behavior of influential members may be valued more.”

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