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Fresh Pick of the Day, March 2, 2016: “Southeast Asian economies grow, but prospects unclear”

From Nikkei Asian Review – ” Most economies in Southeast Asia are still chugging along, but the region’s economic outlook is unclear and downside risks are multiplying.      The combined gross domestic product of the five largest economies in the region grew by 4.4% in the October-December quarter compared with the previous three months, according to the Asian Development Bank. The pace of growth accelerated by 0.2 point from the July-September quarter. The ADB estimates for Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand are based on government data.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Feb 29, 2016: “Managers Are Not Always the Best Judge of Creative Ideas” from Stanford University

From Insights by Stanford Business – “When someone has a new idea, who’s in the best position to predict whether it’ll be a hit: the creator of the idea, or the manager in charge of evaluating the idea? It turns out the answer is ‘neither,’ according to research by Justin Berg, a professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. He studies ‘creative forecasting,’ or the skill of predicting the success of new ideas. Berg’s research suggests that even with all their knowledge and experience, managers are usually not the best at predicting the success of a new idea, nor is the creator of the idea. Instead, the best judges are peers of the creator, who have spent time generating their own ideas, but not the idea in question. The research by Berg will be published in a forthcoming issue of Administrative Science Quarterly.”



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Podcast # 25: “Buying a franchise vs starting your own business” with Frank & Jamie

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In this episode, we will discuss one of the questions posted by one of our followers in Business Mango’s Facebook Page. The question asks about the pros and cons of doing business with a franchise versus starting your own business.

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Feb 10, 2016: “This is what the best bosses are really made of” from BBC Capital

From BBC Capital – “It turns out, if you want to really understand why companies do what they do, you have to pay attention to the leaders running those companies, and recognise that they are human too. It’s not an accident that the great strategy treatises of history, from Sun Tuz’s The Art of War to Shakespeare’s Richard III, take readers into the mind of the leader – their frailties as much as their power… What was said by the executives Alan and I spoke to brought home to me a basic truth about CEOs – it turns out they’re no different than you and me. Rather than being unfeeling technocrats, they’re real people, with all the warts and biases and emotions that go along with that. For example, have you ever messed-up something in a big way but when called-out on it, proceed to blame everyone else? That’s just how one CEO evaluated a corporate meltdown that cost him his job. In our interview, he proceeded to tell me that there were “seven reasons” why the company fell apart. First, my chief financial officer let me down; second, our customers were not smart enough to grasp what we were trying to do; third, the regulators were out to get me; and on and on. You get the picture.”

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Fresh Pick of the Day, Feb 2, 2016: “The Medical Revolution You Haven’t Heard About … Yet”

From Knowledge@Wharton – ” The science and art of medicine have been undergoing increasingly rapid change for decades. New treatments are developed. New diagnostic tools arrive. Cures become imaginable where none were before. But there’s one area where change has been slow: design. And if you’re wondering what design has to do with health care, you’ve uncovered part of the reason why: Most medical professionals don’t even think about poor design as a problem. But it is. Enter Stephen Klasko, an MD with an MBA, who is CEO of Jefferson Health System and Thomas Jefferson University, and Bon Ku, MD, a  professor of emergency medicine at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Ku runs a new program to turn less traditional medical students into innovative, creative problem-solvers, route them into medical school, and create a new type of physician trained to solve health care problems through design methodology. “

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Podcast # 24: “Business Rhythm’s Best Business Narrative Books” with Frank & Jamie

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Business Rhythm’s Top 5 Business Narrative Books:

1. McDonald’s: Behind the Arches by John F. Love

2. Personal History by Katharine Graham

3. Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. by Ron Chernow

4. Sam Walton: Made in America by Sam Walton

5. When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein

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Fresh Pick of the Day, January 20, 2016:”The drawback of cheap oil” from the Economist

From the – “OUR energy and economics editors explain why the plummeting oil price may not be as good as usual for the world economy and our Buttonwood columnist discusses his award-winning article on the deep-rooted problems of the financial sector

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Fresh Pick of the Day, January 12, 2016: Leadership Lessons From Fairy Tales

From Knowledge@Insead – “Fairy tales help children to answer basic existential questions, like who am I, what is the good life, where do I belong? Through fairy tales they learn to navigate reality and survive in a world full of ambiguities and dangers. Executives, with their seeming mastery of the world, may be an unlikely audience for such fantasy. But the universal truth is, everyone likes a story. And fairy tales, with their immediately recognisable dramatics, characters and fundamental moral truths provide universal insights into human behaviour, illustrating the dangers of leadership and various ways in which executives can derail.”

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